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Nudify whoever you want: from a secret crush to any famous actress with the best deep fake ai nude app.

Have been secretly dreaming of nudifying Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson or even Margot Robbie? These are just several examples of celebrities whose clothes you can remove. Sounds almost impossible, yet it is. We are glad to introduce you to one of the best free deepnude app sites for nudes, which will make all of your “undressing fantasies” come true in mere seconds. Just upload a pic of the person to the nudifier, and enjoy the resulting AI creations. The realism of created images and user-friendly interface will definitely convince you that you have chosen one of the best undress a Still waiting for the racy photos of your favorite celebs to leak online? Don’t waste time and join over 100,000 users who discovered a deep ai nude website in 2023 instead.

What is deepnude

If you were wondering what is deep nude, it’s a program which allows you to undress anyone using advanced artificial intelligence technologies, namely deep fake software

How does the app site work?

The deep fake picture is created by using several algorithms, which will scan the image of a dressed individual and then digitally remove the clothing. The deep fake ai nude app will make the most realistic replica using features of the person in the picture and a naked body. While the technology used is quite complicated, the nudifying process is very simple for the user:

  1. — Input a photo;
  2. — Choose a mode and press “GO”;
  3. — Wait for the AI ​​to generate a version in which the person appears nude.

The program was developed as an online app site, so there is no need for downloading or installing the app on your phone. This makes it an equally good choice for android and iOS owners. Moreover, that means that you will be able to create manipulated images of people from almost any device. Choose your App, subscription plan and start nudifiyng

Best undressing app

For your convenience we have selected top eight free nude apps offering free trials, which you can use to create your own AI nudes. Most of these website apps were developed recently, but have already proven themselves as strong players on the market. You will find this list especially useful if you are looking for apps like deep nude - the original undressing app. So here we go:


    Best app for fake nudes

    Free online web service which can undress any image. There is no need to download or install the app, which makes it super convenient to use. You’ll have access to the deepnude after registration on the website. In our view, it’s one of the best alternatives to the original app as it gives more space for imagination and personalizat If you were wondering how to get deepnude for free, well here is an amazing option for you.

    Top Features

    • Free trial. Up to 10 images can be used to test out the app.
    • Mode adjustment. After uploading the image, you will be able to make specifications regarding the age and body type of the desired deepfake.


    • Has great explanation of how to download deepnude images;
    • Ease of use: the service is very user-friendly;
    • You can rest assured that there are no viruses on this website app;
    • Pleasure to work with overall;
    • Affordable pricing.


    • Limited number of images available for a free trial;
    • Possible to use only after registration.


    Apart from the free trial, the app offers three pricing plans:

    • Basic: $5.49/month for 15 credits every month;
    • Standard Plan: $16.99/month for 90 credits every month;
    • Pro Plan: $37.99/month for 600 credits every month.

    Our Verdict

    Best for - The best online deepnude app overall


    Deepnude App

    Deepnudify is a web-based generator, which can create nude deepfakes from photos in a click of a button. It's a fast and easy to work with website that uses artificial intelligence to create deepfake nudes with the highest accuracy.

    Top Features

    • Free Trial. Create deepnude content without spending a cent;
    • Fast Deepnude generation. Great to create deepfakes in a matter of 60 seconds;
    • Exceptional quality. Even without trying out the app, you can evaluate the high accuracy of created deepnudes by looking at examples on the homepage of the website.


    • Bright and user-friendly interface;
    • Many examples of fake nudes;
    • Illustrative explanation of the images to use for “Best results”;
    • Various pricing options.


    • The number of available credits is lower than in other apps even if you purchase the most expensive plan;
    • After clicking on the “try for free” button, you will have to wait about one minute until you are able to upload a picture.


    The app offers three pricing plans:

    • Basic - $26.99/months with 50 credits and priority processing available;
    • Premium - $32.99/ year with 100 credits and priority processing available.
    • Premium Plus - 49.99/month with 200 credits and priority processing available;

    Our Verdict

    Best for - Fast nudifying


    See anyone naked with deep-nude AI

    Deep-nude.ai is a deepnude-specializing app, which can be truly considered as one of the best in the list of apps like deepnude-the original nudifying app. This AI Deepfake Generator provides you with a possibility to create as many undressed pictures as you’d like, digitally removing both bikinis and dresses. If you wonder how to download this deepnude App, well there is no need to do that. Just run it online, relishing excellent quality and simplicity!

    Top Features

    • Nude AI. Create pictures with nude girls that will look as if they never wore clothes in the first place.
    • AI girlfriend. Create an AI-generated character that can be in the form of an image, video or virtual character.
    • Free nudifying tool. No need for the premium version to be cracked. The free version is more than sufficient to make your imagination come to life.


    • Fast nudifying;
    • User-friendly interface;
    • Possibility to edit AI nudes so that they fit your preferences
    • Possibility to use both images and videos for undressing.


    • Low number of available credits;
    • Only two pricing plans available.


    The app offers two pricing plans:

    • Monthly- $9.99/month with 100 credits;
    • Yearly - $69.99/year with 100 credits and a watermark and blur removal feature

    Our Verdict

    Best for - Video nudifying


    See anyone naked with deep-nude AI

    Nudify.site is an AI program, which presents itself as “an online X-RAY”. Indeed, this AI program can undress any picture to make it completely nude. However, that's not it. By using this awesome app, you will be provided with an AI powered solution for making girls either topless or bottomless as well. What a cool feature from the developer! What we also like about this website is that there is no need to register to try the app out.

    Top Features

    • Partial nudifying. With this app you’ll have a possibility to make the image topless, bottomless or nude.
    • Free trial. The apps provides 5 free credits for testing.


    • Great quality of generated images;
    • The website is super easy to navigate.


    • Male nudifying is not available;
    • Costly “Pro” plan.


    Nudify.site offers three pricing plans:

    • Basic: $14.99/month with 50 credits, priority in queue and history view.
    • Standard: $29.99/month with 120 credits, priority in queue and forever save option.
    • Pro: $99.99/month with 500 credits, priority in queue, history view and forever save option.

    Our Verdict

    Best for - For a sick artistic experience


    Naked nudes for everyone

    Deepnude cc is one of the best apps for nudes on the market right now. It uses AI algorithms to create extremely realistic deepfake nudes at no cost. The computer program was developed and became popular after shutdown of the original deepnude App. What makes it so great is its safety and user-friendliness. In fact, it is so easy and convenient to use that you can even generate deepfake pics during lunch break at work.

    Top Features

    • Excellent undressing effect. Suitable for anyone who wants to create convincing deepnude images.
    • Trusted AI deepnude app. Enables users to produce highly realistic deepfakes in a short period of time.
    • Free undressing. Don’t waste time figuring out how to get deepnude app premium for free. Just set up a free version that will give you outstanding results.


    • Great image quality;
    • Many different pricing plans;
    • Won’t charge for a bad input image.


    • If your input picture isn’t showing most of the body, not facing straight, or is wearing oversized clothes, the end results will suffer.
    • If you want to buy the Premium plan, you will have to spend quite a large sum of money;


    The app offers three pricing plans:

    • Standard Plan: $29.95 for 100 credits and 10% off future orders;
    • Standard Plus Plan: $36.50 for 110 credits and 13% off future orders
    • Premium Plan: $99 for 420 credits and 16% off future orders.

    Our Verdict

    Best for - Image nudifying


    Nude AI

    Nudify Online is an AI platform for picture undressing. Users can upload a picture of a girl, and the system will digitally remove clothing, generating a nude version. The app is similar to Undress AI in its concept, but offers a lower number of free trials.

    Top Features

    • Free nudifying tool. Allows you to nudify anyone without any effort.
    • Fast Processing. Undress and edit celebrity’s pics in 60 seconds using a pro plan.
    • User-Friendly interface. The app offers great experience, allowing you to navigate easily and create deepnudes in just a couple of clicks.


    • Low cost for the basic plan;
    • Deepnude gallery with celebrity pics.


    • States that you can’t use pictures without written permission, so you basically have to use the app at your own risk;
    • Possible to use only after registration;
    • Slow picture processing with free version.


    The app offers two pricing plans:

    • Basic Plan: $12.99/month; unfortunately, no in detail information is provided on the website;
    • Pro Plan: $53.99/month with editing options.

    Our Verdict

    Best for - Celebrity nudes


    Generate AI deepnudes gratis

    Next on our list is Deepnude.ca - an online website, which can be used both for a total clothes removal or just a replacement. The website uses AI algorithms to identify clothing and digitally remove or replace it in just 1 minute. But it’s not only that. Have you been dreaming about walking down a peaceful street in Europe? Well, the app can help you visualize this stroll with its “background replacement” feature. Just choose the location you would like to visit and press the “Generate” button.

    Top Features

    • Background replacement. Make your nude even cooler by choosing a new background;
    • Free AI Nudes. Get familiar with the app and generate your first nude for free


    • Works with both male and female images;
    • Simple interface of the website;
    • Spanish version of the website available.


    • The quality of generated AI deepfakes is a bit lower than expected;
    • The deepnude image generated for free is completely blurred.
    • You need to spend time highlighting the clothes you would like to remove.


    Deepnude.ca offers three pricing plan:

    • Basic: One-time payment of $9.99 for an unlimited use during one week;
    • Standard: One-time payment of $14.99 for an unlimited use during two weeks;
    • Premium: One-time payment of $24.99 for an unlimited use during one month.

    Our Verdict

    Best for - Familiarization with the world of deepfake nudes.


    Mobile App for deepnudes

    Retouchme is a downloadable app, where you can find various cool tools for both picture undressing and editing. This program is sort of a game where you can choose the exact piece of clothing you would like to remove. Undressing a girl step-by-step until she is fully naked can be extremely pleasing. Download the app and start nudifying!

    Top Features

    • Body and face shaping. Use this app not only to undress, but also to reshape the body, adjust facial features, hair and makeup.
    • Free photo editings. Give this app a try by editing pictures on a gratis basis.
    • Picture nudifying. Take off exact clothes or undress the image completely.


    • Large number of different editing tools available;
    • You can choose which clothes exactly you would like to remove;
    • Low cost.


    • There is no online version, so the app will only be available after its installation on IOS or Android.


    Retouchme offers both monthly subscriptions and one-time refill packages. For monthly subscriptions, there are four pricing plans available:

    • $9.99/month with 500 credits per month;
    • $19.99/month with 1100 credits per month;
    • $29.99/month with 1700 credits per month;
    • $49.99/month with 3000 credits per month.

    Keep in mind that 1 credit does not equal one picture. In this app credits are pierced as virtual coins. The more edits you would like to make to a picture, the more credits you will have to spend. For example, clothes removal will cost you as many as 200 credits.

    Our Verdict

    Best for - Nudifying girls in bikinis and photo editing

How to make AI nudes

So how to make deepfake nudes using deepnude apps? All you need to do to nudify is access the AI generator, which can be any from the list above or one of your choice. Depending on the app used, you can either simply upload any photos of the people you would like to undress or enter a text description of the desired AI nude image. Once the picture is uploaded or the prompt is written, click on the “Generate” button and get your pic naked.

How to unblur deepnude images

During the free use of premium versions, the deepnude photos or images will have a blur effect or a watermark. The easiest way to remove the blur or take off the watermark is not to have it in the first place. Our service, https://undress.app, where you will get many free options, is just the right choice for that. The free version will, however, have several differences, including:

  • You will have access to 10 credits in comparison to our standard plan with 90 credits.
  • The generated deepfake nudes will be of a medium quality. The best accuracy and detailing will be available with Standard and Pro plans.
  • After submitting a photo to undress, you have to wait in a queue, which is skipped by users with Standard or Pro plans. If you decide to go for a Basic plan the waiting time will also be shortened.

How does deepnude work

Deepnude AI is a program which uses deep learning algorithms to create realistic deepfake images. This computer program replicates or imitates reality by analyzing a large scope of naked bodies. During this training, the AI learns to distinguish features and analyze patterns, which is key to making good-quality deepfakes.

Let’s have a closer look at how exactly the AI system creates deepfake nudes. Well, when you upload a picture to the app, the following process happens:

  1. — The system will recognize the face, paying close attention to facial features and expression.
  2. — The system processes the body, identifying key points and replicating the posture. Some of the key points include shoulders, hips and legs.
  3. — The system initiates style transfer techniques taking into account elements like the hair and makeup.
  4. — The app applies all the necessary adjustments so that the generated nude looks natural and realistic.

How to use deepnude app? Step-By-Step Guide

If you are still not sure how to use the deep nude app, you are just at the right place. Use these easy-to-follow instructions we’ve prepared to start generating deepfakes on your phone or computer:

  1. 1 - Open the deepnude app you would like to use;
  2. 2 - Accept the terms and register using your email or social media account;
  3. 3 - Choose the image you would like to upload. Make sure it meets quality requirements;
  4. 4 - Make all the necessary specifications regarding the age and body type;
  5. 5 - Upload your photo, and wait until the system recognizes the face and body to make a perfect match nude;
  6. 6 - Download or share the image.

If there are some uncertainties left, we can recommend checking out materials on the topic available on Youtube for better visualization.

Deepnude accuracy

How accurate is deepnude will mostly depend on the App you choose and the uploaded picture. Some Apps will be more costly, but the quality of generated deepfakes will be exceptional. Therefore, we suggest that you analyze at least 5 different Deepnude Apps to find the one which will really fit your standards of accuracy and realism. What is also true for some apps is that deepnudes made using a free version will likely not be of a desired accuracy. That is part of the strategy used by developers to encourage more paid subscriptions. Also keep in mind that the quality of AI nude will to a certain extent be determined by the original image used.

Here are several illustrative examples showing what a deepnudeapp can generate using Undress App:

  1. We decided to try out the Undress AI app by uploading an image from Google. We followed the recommendations and downloaded the picture prior to its use. The process of a deepfake creation was very simple, and we are happy to share the result we’ve got:
  2. Generate deepnudes of exceptional quality

    All we can say is “Wow”. The quality is so impressive, it’s almost too good to be true.

  3. Then we decided to see the quality of deepnude that will be produced if the original image is a screenshot from Instagram.
  4. Pic from Instagram for nudifying

    Also fantastic quality, right? The nudes produced are so real, it even takes some effort to stop generating more and more of them.

  5. For our third pick was an image from an online magazine.
  6. Deepnude app for dress removal

    Great accuracy and details. The dress was removed so well as if it has never been there in the first place.

  7. Finally, we made a deepfake nude using an image from Shutterstock. As you can see the quality of the generated nude is truly outstanding. The detailing and realism are so flawless it’s even hard to believe that the picture was created by an AI program.
  8. Deepnude app for dress removal

How long does deepnude take to create an image?

After you press the “GO” button, most deepnudeapps will generate an image in a matter of oneminute. Of course, the exact time varies fromone app to another. We should also warn you thatin case you are trying out the free version, thewaiting time can increase by 1 more minute orso. It's not the actual time of fake generationthat increases, but the time you will have towait until the system starts producing thedeepfake.

Which pictures to use

Here are several tips to how to make deep nudework better or more precisely how to makepictures better for deepnude

  1. — Go for a high-resolution image to ensurethe best generation;
  2. — Avoid baggy clothes; instead opt fordresses or more fitted clothing;
  3. — Make sure that skin tone and clothing inthe photo have good contrast, and that thegirl's hair does not obscure the body.

How to select the best deepnude website?

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding on the best Deepnude app. We hope that the following table we’ve created will assist you in finding the most appropriate deepnude generator that will tick all the boxes.

Deepnude app for dress removal

Deepnude generator faqs:

Are there ethical considerations for deepnude apps?

Deepnude apps have raised a lot of ethical concerns due to a possible inappropriate use of the created content. Indeed, reckless spreading of deepfake images can be demoralizing and humiliating for the person whose pictures were used. This apprehension can be avoided to a certain extent if the AI generated pics are treated responsibly - with respect and awareness.

Will developers have a copy of my picture?

The answer to this question is: No, they will not. This is especially true when it comes to owners of deepnude apps that care about their reputation. Also storing of original photos is quite costly, and will lead to increased expenses, which is something no developer wouldn’t want.

What do people love about deepnude apps?

  • Deepnude apps are easy to use and take very short to create a deepfake nude;
  • They can make all the naughty thoughts come to life;
  • Users can adjust the AI creation so that it completely fits their preferences;
  • The price for the app use is relatively low even for premium plans;
  • The availability of deepnude image examples on the homepage of apps;
  • Possibility to create a hentai-like girls using AI anime generator;
  • They can be used as an alternative way to have fun in free time;
  • Apps can be used from anywhere at any time.

Are deepnudes illegal or legal?

Many people question whether use of deepnude apps is legal. The answer to this question may vary depending on the jurisdiction you are in. Certain countries have laws that protect intellectual property and privacy. Production of AI-generated images without consent can be considered as a violation of these laws, especially when it comes to underage girls and revenge porn. In the United States, however, creation and dissemination of deepfake non-consensual images is currently not criminalized. So it will be safe to say that deepnudes are legal.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a large number of deepnude apps available on the market. It’s actually not surprising given that they can make even the most daring wants and dreams come true. Videos, images, GIFs-there are nudifiers for everything. AI Nude generator is a tool that crafts realistic fake nude images, sparking discussions on morals and privacy. If you are looking for a safe, reliable and affordable generator to make deepnude images, we can definitely recommend Undress AI. Its ease of use, high speed of deepfakes generation, high quality of created fakes and low cost makes it a great choice for almost anyone. Just choose a payment plan, submit a picture you would like to undress and wait for the AI generated nude. Try out https://undress.app today for free and from any device!